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05/08/2014 10:13
2014 Annual Return (Pink Form) is now available

This can now be completed in one of two ways

1. Download from the Church of England Clergy payroll website, , complete it, sign it and then post back to Chuch Commissioners.

2. Login in to "My View" if you have registered to use this service. Complete the form and then press the purple submit button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Guidance notes for completion of both these forms if you have received a stencil from us at your recent interview

Method 1

Our box number first followed by Church Commissioners box number

A = A
B = B
C = C
E = D
F = E

Don't forget this form needs signing and then posting on to the Church Commissioners.

Method 2

Again our box numbers first followed by the Church Commissioners

A = 1
B = 2
C = 3
F = 4

This form does not need signing just pressing the button to confirm the figures are correct and then pressing the submit button.

Nb. In both of these cases if any figure is entered at box D on our stencil it needs deducting from the relevant boxes at ABC as appropriate.

We would also recommend you print off a copy for your records so if in any doubt it can be proved what has been submitted.

Also please note the forms must be submitted by 30th September at the latest as otherwise your tax free payments will be suspended and your tax payable will go up and thus your net take home pay will go down.

03/04/2011 20:35
Mileage rates

In the Chancellor's recent budget he at last increased the mileage rates you are allowed to claim. The new rates with effect from 06/04/2011 are as below:

First 10,000 business miles 45p per mile
over 10,000 business miles 25p per mile.

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