Peter Chalk & Co

Specialists in Taxation for the Clergy


What we offer

We aim to take the strain and stress out of completing your Tax Return each year!

Once you register with us as a client, we will:

  1. Contact you early in the New Year to offer you an appointment at a venue close to you
  2. Send you details of what to bring with you
  3. Meet with you for this pre-arranged interview
  4. Complete and submit your Tax Return to HM Revenue & Customs
  5. Assist with completion of Tax Credit applications
  6. Check your Tax Coding
  7. Deal with any queries from the Revenue on your behalf
  8. If you cannot attend any of the venues, we offer a postal service, and also Telephone/Skype/Facetime interviews.

Unlike most firms of Accountants, only a small proportion of whose work involves personal tax, our team work exclusively in personal tax and are thus more conversant with the current regime. Also, since we are not subsidising less profitable areas such as accounts preparation we can keep our costs down.

As a result of this we are able to offer a fixed fee service- a one off payment guarantees completion of your Tax Return, checking HM Revenue & Customs computations and notices of coding and also dealing with any enquiries arising.

All that for less than half of what many Accountants will charge for completing the return alone! Phone us now for a no obligation quote, and see if we can save you money on your existing fee. We have also incorporated our tax credit service as a no-cost extra for the same fixed fee. Many of our competitors charge an extra premium for this service.

Our clients are spread throughout the country and even overseas. To meet the needs of our clients we make annual trips to a number of regional centres where we meet with our clients and prepare returns face to face. Our aim is that nobody should need to travel for more than an hour to meet us.

In addition to the fixed fee work, we also undertake other tasks. Because of the nature and the variety of this other work we are unable to offer a fixed fee structure, but we will give a quote in advance and stick to it.

We are also HM Revenue & Customs approved internet filers. This means that your Tax Return is sent to the HMRC by internet and is processed immediately and any repayment of tax owing to you is sent almost immediately.

Not only are they quick to take our tax, they are just as quick to pay it back, if necessary!

Other services include :

  • Completion / help with the Tax Credit Form
  • Checking PAYE Coding Notices and Statements of Account
  • Handling formal enquiries by HMRC under Section 9A Taxes Management Act 1970
  • A FREE review of earlier years Tax Returns
  • Completion of Annual Return (Church of England Clergy only)

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