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  • I don't normally complete an Income Tax return. Should I be doing so?
If you are a stipendiary member of the clergy, you should be completing a return annually.
  • I don't have children, can I claim tax credits?

You maybe able to claim the working tax credit element, especially if you are living with a partner and one of you is not working.

  • I get full expenses from my parish. Do I still need to send a Tax Return?

Yes. In our experience no matter how well the records are kept, you spend more than is reimbursed.
In addition, reimbursements are not usually covered by an Inland Revenue dispensation.
  • Can I claim for a mobile telephone?

Yes. To the extent of business use only.

  • Can I claim for my Internet Service Provider?
Yes.  To the extent of business use only.
  • I have a lodger. Do I need to declare rent?
To simplify matters for those who take in lodgers, there is a special tax relief called "Rent a Room" which enables you to receive rent of up to 7,500 per annum without having to pay tax, although this should still be shown on a tax return.

  • I let a property on which the rent received just covers the mortgage. Should it be declared?
Yes. There is a specific Property schedule to be completed even if, on paper, you are not making a profit.

  • Can we choose how to allocate the profit on property income?
 Not normally. The proportion should be in accordance with ownership per the Title Deeds.

  • If I employ your practice will you save me money?

Hopefully. We will complete your Tax return in accordance with prevailing legislation and advise you of the legitimate expenses you can claim.

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